Welcome to Evening Cup w/M. J. Hamilton, Sr.

Started many years ago – the passion of not just M. J. Hamilton, but many others who wish to share in technology, up and coming changes in languages, compilers, chips, micro controllers, and so much more.

As we explore the possibilities here – I welcome you to register and engage with the many who visit. Whether you just want to drop your 2 cents here and there, or write an article to share with the community – all are welcome.

We run an open forum, and while there are pieces in place to block SPAM and hacks – those who wish to simply register and participate can do so quite easily.

If you’re looking for a blog of your own, or perhaps an elaborate WordPress blog / vlog of your own – please Contact Me and I can get you on the right path with our hosting provider – GoMommy Hosting – So simple, even Daddy can do it™

I look forward to many more posts, and a great deal of learning… Or just sitting around the fire.. Picking a little music, enjoying family and friends…

Evening Cup was selected because a couple of MSFT REMF’s snuck in with Morning Dew, and something along those lines – taking the morning captions away from me… So I settled on the evening, which is when I’m most relaxed and enjoying time to write, enjoy family, watch Law and Order marathons, or whatever…


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