The Youngest on Evening Cup…

The Youngest on Evening Cup … Not exactly the youngest, but youngest son, yes. There is a little girl 5 years after him 🙂

This is one of his famous, “What you lookin’ at???” And we have dozens very simiilar – one from his first 2 weeks home… He raised his head up and gave us a beauty…

William was 11.4oz when born… Not a week before they were estimating around 8lbs… He sure surprised all of us… Today, he’s a fine, 6’1, 175lbs, 15 year old – quite a trooper – and as sweet as they all were (we’re the blessed family with 10 children and as many grand children, with 2 more grand children in the ovens as I type).

Here – only a couple weeks old – perfecting his, “What you lookin’ at???” look 🙂 Gotta Love It!!!

Just memories of another day… I can never share enough of the precious memories in my heart. Check out the latest Facebook library of my oldest son getting married – that being my favorite – he’s like – oh no!!! I just got married!!! A beautiful couple. My Friend and I have been blessed with the most beautiful of children. Happy, healthy, and some wiser before their time. Very witty, and we wonder at the comments we constantly hear – about how well behaved they’ve all been growing up. Yes, we’ve been blessed.

If you have memories of another day… feel free to share them, or post on Facebook when you can. I do not do as much social media interaction as I’d like. Conversely, I see so much tweeting from a given individual that I know there is simply no way on earth they have a life outside of posting tweets!!! 🙂


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