Evan Loomis, ICON – the future realized today, and then some – 3D Printer+12 Hours=A House

Evan Loomis and ICON join forces, based out of AUstin, Texas, then introduce a new fangled 3D Printer capable of the following (You MUST SEE THIS – and Imagine the Possibilties….)

3D Printer + Blueprints + Materials + 12 hours = House– and not just any house – but one totally up to Code per U.S. standards / requirements – and though it’s only about 800 sqft. This is no joke – review the article – keep it alive – spread the word – let’s work to help Even Loomis, ICON and teh powers behind this fantastic venture – explode on the global scene in such a way that the houses really do get produced for under 4K (USD) per unit built. Can you reamotely imagien teh possibilities here?

3D Printers did, in fact, explode on the market, in huge ways in just the past 18 months – and this is the epitome of what we can do wtih technology and the innate desire to help our fellow man. BUt houses are just the beginning. Eco Friendly Green Houses, Farm Communiiities in major metropolitan areas – shoot, we could only begn to recount the possibilities…

Imagine the addition of only 400 watt Solor Systems (Easily built for hundreds of dollars – not way up ini the thousands) – this can provide enough power to actually provide electricity for water systems, appliances in the homes (leveraging yet smarter technologies here too), run a drill pump for water, satellite systems / solutions that entire communities of these homes can share across say, 30 to 50 homes, then extend it out another leaf (this is thinking meager, frugal)…Compartmentalize each objective – realistically – and in so doing – allow for those that build the homes – to finish those – then those that can lay in low-tech but highly efficient infrastructure to do that – for water/septic systems, plumbing, and more.

With the adventure of AI / Neuro Processing systems that are becoming entangled in Internet – really neato solutions – well, imagine simple, just Keep it Simple Stupid (the old KISS methodology has yet to fail me) – we do not need entire cities supporting an extensive, expensive infrastructure to bring high technology to the outlying areas where people still live in bamboo huts, and get by on very little for food / water / supplies… Here we can pop up these virtual private networks (VPN’s) that provided isolated, localized technology to each communities – and over time – ties these together with more advanced technology  – perhaps just satellites for now – but if the weather forbid – and satellites are interrupted – the homes and technology on the ground still flourish because they’re independent due to the  solar solutions and water / treatment systems that are developed to support these ‘micro-communities’ if you will.

My apologies for being long-winded on thsi topic – but nothing had cranked me up quite like this since I developed my first prototype drone 2 years ago. In just that 2 years my avionics – started on the Arduino platform of micro-controllers and components / component code) – our first real live prototype will actually enjoy 2+ hours flight time, with rocket-science-like capabilities for both the legal and civilian sectors.

Being every mindful of the privacy laws and personal feelings behind just the building of my drones, i can only imagine the preponderance (or would ‘cacophony’) of governmental interference that’ll have to be overcome to see these things we only imagine for now – a reality tomorrow. It’s not only possible… It’s going to happen… It can!!! 🙂

A hundred years ago we would have laughed our ignorant souls to the funny farms; burned us as witches at the stake; shot us with silver bullets for imaging the unimaginable. All said – this is ready to explode – and we just need to come together – work smarter – not harder – and keep it simple stupid (MIS). We cannot miss out. We cannot fail. The quality of life across teh globe will explode in a much better quality of life for the entire planet. The richer will get a little more – the doers will become the richest. You cannot, in any wise, propose such a humane undertaking – and not have God in your corder. And if God  be for you – no one can rise up against you. You cannot lose.

SHOUT THIS FROM THE HIGHEST REACHES to the darkest depths… Let all peoples know – what may soon ben in their yard 🙂

May God touch this endeavor – and like the cattle on all the hilltops that are His – let His people – of all nations – know this potential intheir lives.

Let it rain…

Imagine the Possibilities….

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