TurboTax Users Beware… Fees are lurking all over the place… We’re always about technology….

TurboTax Users Beware… Fees are lurking all over the place… -and I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE…

we ARE always about technology – and in this thread – this is a technological bug – plain and simple… One that could have gone unnoticed by the average person – and they could and probably would be – months – wondering about their State tax return – status -a dn just what went wrong???

TurboTax provides you a Process Terms of Services for Fees it charges against your federal return – which is where it deducts its fees for what it’s filing for the customer.

My son worked a month in CA last year – owed $1.00 in tax. The software indicated it does not file this electronically – had us print out the paperwork to send in with our $1.00.

Then, it had me do an edit in the MI State return – then reached a point – rather quickly I thought – where it was ready to e-file. It filed directly and said it was complete.

Checking – I see it filed Federal – which was accepted within an hour – and State – California – no kidding. Well, in my Process Terms of Services for Fees were $39.99 for filing Michigan. When I reviewed them AFTER the filing – it had replaced MI with CA – although it did NOT have me re-sign and confirm that’s okay. It just took it. Now – in finishing the State – we have to provide a CC to pay $39.99 again – for the MI return.

This is critical because 1) they stated they were not and could not file the CA via e-file; 2) CA was only a 1.00 tax, 3) We had the paperwork to mail in at the cost of $1.00 and a stamp – certainly not $39.99 plus $1.00 in tax. Now – we have to pay $39.99 again to file State – which is a decent return.

Buyer beware? No – user beware… Read the terms of service – and KNOW WHEN THEY CHANGE (which I knew but didn’t think to follow through on) – and follow through with said change and make sure you’re not paying extra money when not necessary – as is the case here.

Just an FYI – it was just a bug in their program I’m quite sure. When FEDERAL + STATE == READY –> FILE ALL, ELSE, FILE IN PART.

In my case – California was substituted for MI and filed. Now we must file Michigan manually because there is no way to do it and get the benefit of what we paid Intuit the fees to file for. Further, we cannot mail in this return if we would like to see it before the end of teh year, or next year. Trust me – they’re still processing taxes from 2 years ago – I know.


Evening Cup wasn’t so tasty this evening… Alas – it isn’t promised to be 🙂

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