Meet Mr. Richard Arvin Overton, America’s oldest living veteran. The father I would love…

Meet Mr. Richard Arvin Overton, America’s oldest living veteran. The father I would love…

He opens by introducing himself, and said I am 109 years old… that’s how I met Mr. Overton…

In my studies and browsing this evening, I covered a great deal of history about D-Day in WWII, and veterans in general For the most part, a veteran is just another face in the crowed… another unknown amongst the sea of unknowns that walk our streets of our cities, towns, villages…. For the most part… they do not count themselves as special – they’re just like you and I – people in life working to understand our measure in this life. How will we live? Will God accept our souls as forgiven and righteous in Christ Jesus’ name? Jesus said if we loved him, repent of our sins (ways of life for self and more), and confessed him as Lord and Savior, we would be saved, and this by the Grace of God, so that no man can boast  – as no man can earn his way to heaven – he can only gain access through Christ.

Mr. Overton remarks on going to church each week. With a smile, he remarks that church is for everyone; but we go for ourselves only – no one else. how true that is. He loves the fellowship; singing the simple songs that sound beautiful because in the end, they’re hymns and songs to God, not man. I know how this feels because I’ve played guitar and sang since I was 11 years old, and I can think of nothing that felt better than being able to just play and sing. For several years I played every Friday night for the fellowship of many men, come together, to praise God. I never really thought I sounded all that good, but it sure felt good.

He reminded me of something I remembered from 3 decades plus bac in time. A little old lady – Mother Melba – conveyed to me that  we come to God alone, and for ourselves. In simple terms – we must learn to like ourselves, to love ourselves, and to forgive ourselves, before we can really believe that God means what He says, and says what He means. We are forgiven, and there is a lake where our sins are tossed with a bunch of placards around it – No Fishing Allowed… I’ll never forget that. His words reminded me of this simple truth. We must go for ourselves; it’s a spiritual thing, and we must believe and trust Him in His Word. Plain and simple. Only one other person ever shared that with me, and she loved me more than her own – and treated me better than my own ever had. She was Mother Melba to my and my wife. Her prayers moved mountains in our lives. I now there is power in prayer – no doubts at all. It’s not in a miracle spring water tube, or some cards that are read to fortel your future. In fact, God told King Solomon though his prophets not to seek out the seers and those that talk with the dead (Lev. 19:31). They’re quite real and they’ll defile our souls. So, as Mr. Overton said, just go in the spirit and go for yourself. Seeking only your time with the Lord.

Mr. Overton commented on building his house in 1945, and still living in the same house today. In fact, everything he would buy, he paid cash for it, and kept it until it simply fell apart – if it ever did. My own dad was like that. That’s the only common element I find between the 2 men. Mr. Overton is 109, happy, content, and has what he wants. He wants for nothing. He finds great joy in the littlest of things in this life – from his cats, to just sitting on his front porch, enjoying a cigar, coffee, a drink now and then. It was so humbling to be placed back in check – to be reminded of Whose I am, from where I come from.

As I write this – I just learned that he’s turned 112 since the video was shot. WOW – another 5 years!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!

Mr. Overton, I will continue to visit your interview. You have given me renewed focus and energy in this life. I have allowed myself to struggle with a life / death battle that started as a blood disease that later just ture me up inside. I get very weak very quick. My mind is strong. My heart is strong. I want to live – and as you might say, I will love the life I am living, and I will live the life I love.

As I sit down with my Evening Cup of drink tonight? I’ll be praying for you – in fact, whenever I think of you – I’ll be praying for you.

Go with God, and only the peace that He can give you. Thank you – so much – for taking time to share your time with us. I very much appreciate you.


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