Mother Melba – Your Prayers are Dear…

Mother Melba – to me a mother / grandmother figure for over 3 decades. She’d be 106 today…

Mother Melba lived a rich life – but alone mostly. Her husband
Mrwas in WWII – south Pacific – captured by the japs – rescued – and when he came home – he didn’t last a few years. He endured what his mind would not recover from.

Mr. and Mrs. Shuttleworth – had 3 children – Phyllis Clue, Phillip, and David – only Phyllis was alive when Mother Melba passed away…

She lived through the poorest time of our country – the great dust bowl – the worst of times, raising her children, and eventually, moving in with her dad to take care of him. When he diied – he willed her their family home – beautiful spread in Forsyth, GA. w/3.5 acres of pecan trees, and a guest cottage out back that Mother Melba would sub-let to one little old lady or another – whoever needed help. She would give her life to help people in need.

My wife and  I met her in a ministry in Forsyth, GA. where she was mostly committed to visiting prisoners in the local jail and prison camp. We learned so much working wtih her during this time – but most of all – we committed our lives to the Lord. What a blessing and so refreshing – our lives changed over night and we saw the blessings unfold before us. Eight more children and blessed in everything we put our hands to – we were richly blessed.

I learned during this time that prayer is powerful. Mother Melba prayed for us daily, and when she finally went to be wtih the Lord, I could feel the hole in my spirit and heart profoundly. My wife would probably agree that she did too… We had no clue until then just how powerful the prayers of the righteous are – and oh, Lord, please reign down more blessings and let her prayers reach us from heaven. We know she’s there… We know she’s happy and finally resting like never before – an incomprehensible rest that only you can give Lord… Thank you so much for her time here on this earth…

She shared candidly with me – all things – even things I won’t mention. She did try a relationship once following her husband’s passing – and said the man just wanted sex with her the first date – and she could not stand that. So she shared – I just want to live and die in my home, Michael – not being a burden to anyone – and living the life I love, loving the life I live – she taight me this one – and she got her wish.

Her last 2 weeks, Phyllis was there and Melba had been praying several years for the Lord to take her – but He kept her here and I am so thankful for that. In the end – the last couple days – she said, I’m not so sure I’m really ready to go!!! Phyllis conveyed, mom – I have to get home and take care of my husband (in his late 70’s or older then) – and you must make up your mind!!! Are you ready to go now or not?

That night she passed to the Lord – in peace – in her home – and I cried for 3 days – no way to shake the pain of her leaving… I loved her so much – and still do… I love you woman – with all that I am and will ever be – I can hardly wait to see you again… Lord willing – I have many more years to enjoy my children and grandchildren – in passing – I know that my wife and I would like to go together… We know that’ll be heavy on our children – but Lord willing they’ll all be grown and strong in spirit and soul.

Mother Melba – I’ve learned the value of giving – and in giving – I know it is what I give and those I help realize their own riches – that I’ll be blessed in passing. I am nothing without the Lord, and nothing I can accept being. It is what we do for others that counts – you taught me that so well…

Jesus said, when you pray, it’s simple – Our Father, who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth – as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation – but deliver us from evil – for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory – forever, and then some – amen….

Each day I pray, and lift up my children, their families, colleges I’ve worked with, their families, friends, just about everyone I can think of – because I want them saved, blessed, whole in mind, body – spirit – and life as we know it.

Remember – everyone – no one man can do a single solitary thing to gain access to heaven – I know this because the spirit of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, bears witness to my spirit and I know – it is by His Grace we are saved, not by works, less any man could boast. My son Jon was born at 0316 hours in the morning – and that is one of the most quoted verses – God so loved the world that he sent his only Son – that whosoever believes in HIm shall have life eternal – and not perish for eternity.

There are things to remember… We must confess our sins to God… Repent of them, and accept His forgiveness. This often times means you must be able to forgive yourself – which is not easy. As mind boggling as you might find that – it’s really quite simple – by faith – put your sins in front of you at the alter of God – pray for forgiveness, and by faith – accept He will keep His word – and you’ll be forgiven. Even if I have to do this daily – it is the burden on my heart to do that daily. I long for my Lord to come – come soon Almighty God – let your will be done – on earth as it is in heaven. PTL, Amen…

We love you Melba… We miss you… So much… Thanks be to God that we were so blessed to have you – and your strength  and love and prayers. Happy 106 birthday 🙂 Much love… Always….

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