Sweet Montana Home… – Summer…

Sweet Montana Home… – Summer… – Yes, summers in S.W. Montana – that’s where I want to be:

This would be my dream home – totally self-sufficient – solar, wells, septic – and nothing else needed – maybe a satellite – but that’s it….

The deep S.W. Montana hills and skies are to die for. This would be my summer home… No question – it’d be brutal inthe winter – but with the right vehicles – I could must it – I’ve survived Michigan winters – and they’re horrible….

That’s a huge mountain incline behind the home- about 9K foot – or more… The home nesles not too far from a large creak / small river front – perfect for the rustic livers….

As I ponder this – the effort and cost – it’s not too unrealistic if our companies take off and grow as we know they will… Unlike this picture of a living quarters and an animal quarters – we’d have about 4K living quarters and up to twice that animal quarters – as we would live on our own… My children are open to that – and I grew up on that – so it would be great for them…

Grisley’s would be the biggest scare – and any 50 cal. rifle can take them down if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to always be in twos – never alone – and loaded each with a 50 cal. and know how to use it.

Otherwise, this life would be the dream life we watch about the Alaskan bushmen settlers still homesteading Alaska – this would simply be us homesteading Montana – to a light degree.

For the Winters? S.W. New Mexico along the coastline – 75 degrees each day – and a nice cabin setup about 2 miles back from the water front. Pretty much the same- just further back from the water for anynumber of reasons – but it’s like God’s country there in the winter. It’s beautiful. Rustic… great for road ralley racing / bike racing / quad off-road racing – roaming the desert… It’s truly beautiful….

Here you see a deep sunset – one with the great cranes / geese of the region – some 4′ high and simply majestic.

Here – some of the absolute beautiful country in the south central region – hoht quite where we were looking for land – but just as beautiful – so we’re sharing this too…

So – for summer months – the beautiful great Montana skies – and maybe some winters – as we’ll be equipped to handle that – then you have the Southern / South Central New Mexico country side – for winters – it’s beautiful – all the time… Especially in the winter..,

I hope you enjoyed this Evening Cup…..

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