Disabled V – Higher Quality of Life – and Much, Much More… Hoveround Electric Chair

Disabled V – Higher Quality of Life – and Much, Much More… Hoveround Electric Chair

Here, I’m reaching out personally, asking the techie’s I’ve known a couple decades, as well as just really great people I’ve met via Facebook and LinkedIn.COM – if they donate and help make this possible for me.

The following is a snapshot of the one I’m trying to get:

Howvereround MPV5 Cart

Hoveround MPV5 Cart

You may remember seeing these years ago – Haev Medicare? Let your Medicare or Medicaid pay for yours, and get one today!!! I have news for you – that dog never did hunt…. I almost died in August 2014 – and learned then – those commercials were laregly fables… No kidding… You can only get one on a  charge card – which is really way too much to charge – or you can pay cash – which I was blessed to be able to do. However, I could not afford a Hoveround – I had to settle for an Elite Drive model – low end – about $1,400 and it has served me well enough for 4 years, especially considering the territory and land I’ve had to live on. It has not been easy….

That said – this past month – I found a Hoveround MPV5 used model – 1 owner – nicely used… The woman passed away from what I understand and the daughter is raising funeral costs / expenses – so – we have the opportunity – I do – to get this greatly reduced. The above picture is basically the unit – lower-end – but quite durable and with plenty of heart / sould where machines are concerned. I’m not a little humbled. It was a few grand easily in the condition it was in – she started way below that and even reduced it further. Rather than Couwdrise.COm or GoFundMe.COM – I took advantage of a family foundation not-for-profit site – LifExtraordinary – (LiveExtra.ORG) -who’s story is heart-breaking until you reach the point of recovery – PRAISE THE LORD – anyway _ setup shop on their site – posted my story and a picture of the unit – and raised $200 tonight already. That’s not necessarily representative of my connections and what I can expect – I have to reply on God to provide. For all I know – I’ll have the remainder of what I’ll need tomorrow – a few days to transfer the funds to my bank – and I can go pick it up. Yes, I’m beside myself with anticipation. These units are perfect for indoor use – turning on a pivot of a quarter basically – I can get to / from any room in the home – and even bathe wtihout major issues – which has been crippling until now…

A link to the actual story and fundraiser is here  – I believe you’ll find – it’s an excellent deal – considering the MPV5 runs upwards of $3,500 to $5,500 and sometimes more dependingon your options and whatnot. Again, this was one owner, and she took it easy on it. So it should be expected to be in excellent

My original story is included at that site along with the picture….

Could I be more blessed? Only by opening my will to the will of God and knowing His will for me when I miss it – kind of like missing the forest for the trees??? I have that as a plague of my spirit and soul if no one else does

New Mexico Window Setting - To die for in the beauty of it....

New Mexico Winter Setting – To die for in the beauty of it….Metaphorically, of course…








That setting – exotic to my soul – and so much more. I cannot get enough of God’s beauty from this earth… He’s given us the simplest of exotic peeks and pokes here and there – you just need to be blessed enough to find them.

As I work on another buisness venture / endeavor – I am mindful of the location of the manufacturing and production studios – ‘potentially’ – potentially – Flagler, Colorado… A location that can contribute the location of these specifics – buildings, factories, even housing for family / employees, and the sky is the limit – depending on how it unfolds. This all remains to be seen.

A few things – quite key – to share.


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