Meet Mr. Richard Arvin Overton, America’s oldest living veteran. The father I would love…

Meet Mr. Richard Arvin Overton, America’s oldest living veteran. The father I would love…

He opens by introducing himself, and said I am 109 years old… that’s how I met Mr. Overton…

In my studies and browsing this evening, I covered a great deal of history about D-Day in WWII, and veterans in general For the most part, a veteran is just another face in the crowed… another unknown amongst the sea of unknowns that walk our streets of our cities, towns, villages…. For the most part… they do not count themselves as special – they’re just like you and I – people in life working to understand our measure in this life. How will we live? Will God accept our souls as forgiven and righteous in Christ Jesus’ name? Jesus said if we loved him, repent of our sins (ways of life for self and more), and confessed him as Lord and Savior, we would be saved, and this by the Grace of God, so that no man can boast  – as no man can earn his way to heaven – he can only gain access through Christ.

Mr. Overton remarks on going to church each week. With a smile, he remarks that church is for everyone; but we go for ourselves only – no one else. how true that is. He loves the fellowship; singing the simple songs that sound beautiful because in the end, they’re hymns and songs to God, not man. I know how this feels because I’ve played guitar and sang since I was 11 years old, and I can think of nothing that felt better than being able to just play and sing. For several years I played every Friday night for the fellowship of many men, come together, to praise God. I never really thought I sounded all that good, but it sure felt good.

He reminded me of something I remembered from 3 decades plus bac in time. A little old lady – Mother Melba – conveyed to me that  we come to God alone, and for ourselves. In simple terms – we must learn to like ourselves, to love ourselves, and to forgive ourselves, before we can really believe that God means what He says, and says what He means. We are forgiven, and there is a lake where our sins are tossed with a bunch of placards around it – No Fishing Allowed… I’ll never forget that. His words reminded me of this simple truth. We must go for ourselves; it’s a spiritual thing, and we must believe and trust Him in His Word. Plain and simple. Only one other person ever shared that with me, and she loved me more than her own – and treated me better than my own ever had. She was Mother Melba to my and my wife. Her prayers moved mountains in our lives. I now there is power in prayer – no doubts at all. It’s not in a miracle spring water tube, or some cards that are read to fortel your future. In fact, God told King Solomon though his prophets not to seek out the seers and those that talk with the dead (Lev. 19:31). They’re quite real and they’ll defile our souls. So, as Mr. Overton said, just go in the spirit and go for yourself. Seeking only your time with the Lord.

Mr. Overton commented on building his house in 1945, and still living in the same house today. In fact, everything he would buy, he paid cash for it, and kept it until it simply fell apart – if it ever did. My own dad was like that. That’s the only common element I find between the 2 men. Mr. Overton is 109, happy, content, and has what he wants. He wants for nothing. He finds great joy in the littlest of things in this life – from his cats, to just sitting on his front porch, enjoying a cigar, coffee, a drink now and then. It was so humbling to be placed back in check – to be reminded of Whose I am, from where I come from.

As I write this – I just learned that he’s turned 112 since the video was shot. WOW – another 5 years!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!

Mr. Overton, I will continue to visit your interview. You have given me renewed focus and energy in this life. I have allowed myself to struggle with a life / death battle that started as a blood disease that later just ture me up inside. I get very weak very quick. My mind is strong. My heart is strong. I want to live – and as you might say, I will love the life I am living, and I will live the life I love.

As I sit down with my Evening Cup of drink tonight? I’ll be praying for you – in fact, whenever I think of you – I’ll be praying for you.

Go with God, and only the peace that He can give you. Thank you – so much – for taking time to share your time with us. I very much appreciate you.


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Aha – Tools for the Trade… Workplace sweatshop? Or Paradise in the making?

I haven’t blogged much about organizations since slowly getting back into the driver’s seat and putting my fingers in motion – the cacophony of start-ups / let-downs / burn-downs / you name it – is really a job just to keep up on in my reading time.

Aha caught my eye this evening / morning – – and I thought I’d do a shout out – and though I’m far from one to be ranking the value in any organization you might want to apply to – I would say – if I were you – and you have the skills they’re looking for – which are not trivial in some respects – then check them out. You can probably negotiate working remotely if your resume and work history show a strong delivery and work ethic for remote work.

Read about them ( and especially the Team and Resources they have available – while you’re trying to sort out just what it is they do 🙂 Sorry – had to throw that one in there. If I can do a set of checkboxes here – I’ll let you check off what you take away from your  read: what do they do? How big are they? How would you use them in business – big or small? A few probing questions… You’ll want to know these things if you do consider applying for employment.

If you’re an Enterprise Architect or Information Architect / Software Solutions Architect – then you certainly know what a Product Roadmap is (Easy reading for those not in the know –

Aha purportedly is the fastest growing business with this at their core – in the US, if not the world!!! Their resources and revenue reports are very impressive – and this is super non-trivial because on the surface, their culture seems like the pie-in-the-sky dream of a job to land. They have foundation / staying power – and from what little I’ve been able to find – super neat people working for them. So – Paradize? On my first fote – absolutely a YES – and worth your effort to check out if you’re pounding the pavement for work.

You can do more digging with this little I’ve shared… You never k now – you may have just found that job you’ve been looking for 🙂

Feel free to let me know what you lean, think? do???

Thanks for stopping by for an Evening Cup… Imagine the Possibilities….


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TurboTax Users Beware… Fees are lurking all over the place… We’re always about technology….

TurboTax Users Beware… Fees are lurking all over the place… -and I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE…

we ARE always about technology – and in this thread – this is a technological bug – plain and simple… One that could have gone unnoticed by the average person – and they could and probably would be – months – wondering about their State tax return – status -a dn just what went wrong???

TurboTax provides you a Process Terms of Services for Fees it charges against your federal return – which is where it deducts its fees for what it’s filing for the customer.

My son worked a month in CA last year – owed $1.00 in tax. The software indicated it does not file this electronically – had us print out the paperwork to send in with our $1.00.

Then, it had me do an edit in the MI State return – then reached a point – rather quickly I thought – where it was ready to e-file. It filed directly and said it was complete.

Checking – I see it filed Federal – which was accepted within an hour – and State – California – no kidding. Well, in my Process Terms of Services for Fees were $39.99 for filing Michigan. When I reviewed them AFTER the filing – it had replaced MI with CA – although it did NOT have me re-sign and confirm that’s okay. It just took it. Now – in finishing the State – we have to provide a CC to pay $39.99 again – for the MI return.

This is critical because 1) they stated they were not and could not file the CA via e-file; 2) CA was only a 1.00 tax, 3) We had the paperwork to mail in at the cost of $1.00 and a stamp – certainly not $39.99 plus $1.00 in tax. Now – we have to pay $39.99 again to file State – which is a decent return.

Buyer beware? No – user beware… Read the terms of service – and KNOW WHEN THEY CHANGE (which I knew but didn’t think to follow through on) – and follow through with said change and make sure you’re not paying extra money when not necessary – as is the case here.

Just an FYI – it was just a bug in their program I’m quite sure. When FEDERAL + STATE == READY –> FILE ALL, ELSE, FILE IN PART.

In my case – California was substituted for MI and filed. Now we must file Michigan manually because there is no way to do it and get the benefit of what we paid Intuit the fees to file for. Further, we cannot mail in this return if we would like to see it before the end of teh year, or next year. Trust me – they’re still processing taxes from 2 years ago – I know.


Evening Cup wasn’t so tasty this evening… Alas – it isn’t promised to be 🙂

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Beauty is Everywhere… And then some… Imagine the Possibilities…

Beauty is Everywhere… And then some… Imagine the Possibilities… Now and then… working on code, or soldering some electronics together, or drafting some new electrical circuits… I get bored – yea – me too!!! And my mind wonders…

Often it is about family… Most often – the hardships they’re facing, and that we too, endure – and I wonder always – how can I do something – anything – to make things better??? I love my children so much – words cannot convey the profoundness of such a deep rooted feeling… not in any way….

I love to play with images… Like for shots we’ll include in something we’re writing up – or even just a cover poster we’re developing…. I love the birds the most…

Like these two characters – or not!


Hawk - in flight to grab prey....

Hawk – in flight to grab prey….

Feret Like - but not the average pet... But the average Prey for Hawk

Hunted? Naw… not me??? Oh No!!! It Is Me!!!

Feret like indeed... But much faster and smarter :)

Haw!!! Fooled you!!! You’ll have to swoop again 🙂

There is beauty everyplace we look – if we just look… Forgive my joking around about hunter and hunted… It is that way… that neither adds to nor takes away from the beauty that nature allows us so much joy from.

I could sit for hours and soak up the wildlife around us… Awed by the pure, raw beauty of some animals… the aggressive… The passive…

I’ve seen animals cuddle and snuggle – it’s quite cute… Mindful that we humans share some very like characteristics. While God gave us a gift no other creature has – He has allowed us to enjoy the many other things He’s placed on this earth.

It’s heartbreaking to see the television commercials vying for funding to help with homeless and basically animals suffering in the wild – especially those up north with us – it’s in the negatives most of the winter – very cold – nothing can live in that… So we see these commercials often, and not a one escapes me without a heart wince and pain for the animals that are domestic – not wild – used to people and being in homes and used to warm homes and food, water – the works – not like the wild that can fend for themselves. Home bread animals are not to be raised until you simply feel like you can no longer take care of them because they make mess… They’re just animals for crying out loud. They know no better… Alas – they wind up homeless – and suffering beyond measure… Alas – I take my pictures of the wild -and enjoy them greatly.


Beautiful light tricks on the trees...

Is this play on the lights – this is beautiful in the dusk… how about a pheasant similarly hued?

Abolutely a beautiful array of colors on such a smple animal - one we often feast on...

Absolutely a beautiful array of colors on such a simple animal – one we often feast on…

Amazing how the colors flow… More often these birds are mostly brown / tan in hues light/dark – but rarely have I seen one so beautiful…

Just an Evening Cup down memory lane… Exhausted from work… Tired of the news… hardships… struggles… everyone everywhere always struggling so much… One spot of an owl on perch:

Great Owl - perfect shot - rare to get...

Great Owl – perfect shot – rare to get…

Not worrying about much… Content.. Easy gong… Doesn’t even flinch at the camera’s shutter – which is not that quiet actually… He’ll turn and look with his eyes wide open – then turn back to a relaxed perch and rest.. this looks close up – we’re probably some 1100′ away with some powerful lenses…

When you lay down to rest tonight.. Ponder those in need… Big and small.. Healthy or not… In need or not… There are so many – all – that need our prayers… Say them and ask God to let His will be done, on earth, even as it is in Heaven….


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Evan Loomis, ICON – the future realized today, and then some – 3D Printer+12 Hours=A House

Evan Loomis and ICON join forces, based out of AUstin, Texas, then introduce a new fangled 3D Printer capable of the following (You MUST SEE THIS – and Imagine the Possibilties….)

3D Printer + Blueprints + Materials + 12 hours = House– and not just any house – but one totally up to Code per U.S. standards / requirements – and though it’s only about 800 sqft. This is no joke – review the article – keep it alive – spread the word – let’s work to help Even Loomis, ICON and teh powers behind this fantastic venture – explode on the global scene in such a way that the houses really do get produced for under 4K (USD) per unit built. Can you reamotely imagien teh possibilities here?

3D Printers did, in fact, explode on the market, in huge ways in just the past 18 months – and this is the epitome of what we can do wtih technology and the innate desire to help our fellow man. BUt houses are just the beginning. Eco Friendly Green Houses, Farm Communiiities in major metropolitan areas – shoot, we could only begn to recount the possibilities…

Imagine the addition of only 400 watt Solor Systems (Easily built for hundreds of dollars – not way up ini the thousands) – this can provide enough power to actually provide electricity for water systems, appliances in the homes (leveraging yet smarter technologies here too), run a drill pump for water, satellite systems / solutions that entire communities of these homes can share across say, 30 to 50 homes, then extend it out another leaf (this is thinking meager, frugal)…Compartmentalize each objective – realistically – and in so doing – allow for those that build the homes – to finish those – then those that can lay in low-tech but highly efficient infrastructure to do that – for water/septic systems, plumbing, and more.

With the adventure of AI / Neuro Processing systems that are becoming entangled in Internet – really neato solutions – well, imagine simple, just Keep it Simple Stupid (the old KISS methodology has yet to fail me) – we do not need entire cities supporting an extensive, expensive infrastructure to bring high technology to the outlying areas where people still live in bamboo huts, and get by on very little for food / water / supplies… Here we can pop up these virtual private networks (VPN’s) that provided isolated, localized technology to each communities – and over time – ties these together with more advanced technology  – perhaps just satellites for now – but if the weather forbid – and satellites are interrupted – the homes and technology on the ground still flourish because they’re independent due to the  solar solutions and water / treatment systems that are developed to support these ‘micro-communities’ if you will.

My apologies for being long-winded on thsi topic – but nothing had cranked me up quite like this since I developed my first prototype drone 2 years ago. In just that 2 years my avionics – started on the Arduino platform of micro-controllers and components / component code) – our first real live prototype will actually enjoy 2+ hours flight time, with rocket-science-like capabilities for both the legal and civilian sectors.

Being every mindful of the privacy laws and personal feelings behind just the building of my drones, i can only imagine the preponderance (or would ‘cacophony’) of governmental interference that’ll have to be overcome to see these things we only imagine for now – a reality tomorrow. It’s not only possible… It’s going to happen… It can!!! 🙂

A hundred years ago we would have laughed our ignorant souls to the funny farms; burned us as witches at the stake; shot us with silver bullets for imaging the unimaginable. All said – this is ready to explode – and we just need to come together – work smarter – not harder – and keep it simple stupid (MIS). We cannot miss out. We cannot fail. The quality of life across teh globe will explode in a much better quality of life for the entire planet. The richer will get a little more – the doers will become the richest. You cannot, in any wise, propose such a humane undertaking – and not have God in your corder. And if God  be for you – no one can rise up against you. You cannot lose.

SHOUT THIS FROM THE HIGHEST REACHES to the darkest depths… Let all peoples know – what may soon ben in their yard 🙂

May God touch this endeavor – and like the cattle on all the hilltops that are His – let His people – of all nations – know this potential intheir lives.

Let it rain…

Imagine the Possibilities….

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Where have all the Parents Gone… Children… Blessings… Grace…

Where have all the parents gone? Long time passing… Where have all the parents gone? Long time ago…. Where have all the Parents gone??? Gone to drug fields everyone… When will they ever learn? When will they ever…. Learn????

Where have all the drug fields gone? Long time passing… Where have all the drug fields gone? Long time ago… Where have all the drug fields gone… Gone to children everyone… When will they ever learn? When will they every… Learn???

Where have all the children gone? Long time passing… Where have all the children gone? Long time ago…. Where have all the children gone? Gone to God, their souls as one… Yes, they have finally learned…. Yes they have finally… Learned…

The Bible teaches in Psalm 127:4-5 – “… like arrows in the hand of a warrior, happy is the man who has his quiver full of them…” Speaking of the children of Israel that walk in the way of the Lord, they are blessed, and happy are those that raised them and has his quiver full of them… Children are a saving grace in my life, and then some. Having the blessing to have raised 10, I do know that much…

Not too long ago an in-law approached me with a problem. His dad wanted him to purchase a narcotic for me off the street… What should he do? Having had my share of exposure to the streets over 4 1/2 decades ago… I advised he leave it alone… Just share he knows not where tog get such a thing…

Sad to say… When we have been down the path of abusing just about anything in life… Should we return to that – we do so a hundred fold – not knowing what lay in store for us… For his father… it was a tragic and sad death of a relatively young man still…

In prayer, my heart is heavy at times, and in reading something tonight… The above just flowed… For those who take offense, please forgive me for such.

For those on the edge, about to step into a place you may not really want to be – I propose that God is listening, all the time, intimately, and he is a God of mighty Grace, Forgiveness, and millions of 2nd chances.

Please take a pause, and just ponder as much. Our children are as much a reflection of us as they are teachers in our age, of some very simple things we taught them… Do not faint… Do not give up… Do not lose sight of teh fact that you’re not alone – nor ever will be.

May God keep you in peace, health, and sound mind / body…

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Build it and they will come… Work smarter… not harder..

I’ve maintained that statement since I was about 20… From my grandfather to my father – it was ingrained into me as far back as I can remember, to be honest.

Read the following YouTube.COM post – Building Affordable Houses from 3D Technology originally posted on Austin’s site.

Asd imagine the possibilities. (Another challenge I leave all of my customers when we meet… -Imagine the Possibilities – they’re boundless, endless, infinite… And there is no greater joy – I do not think – than realizing a dream come true – living the life you love – loving the life you live..

Here they’re taking 3D Printer technology and for pennies on the dollar – printing the fabricated components of a smll / efficient home. As President J. Carter has spent so many decades doing – here they’re building homes for the homeless – but for a fraction of the costs, and they’re so efficient. He has opened the door for a whole new industry and I can see this booming in the States. We have over 1.9M that I’m aware of from coast to coast that need a home like this.

Perhaps there is a way to partner with them and take on another location in the States. Perhaps others of you out there would be interested in spearheading an effort like this? It’s not going to make you rich, unless you count the blessings in your life that you’ll most certainly experience.

I’m going to try and follow this and learn more… I love hi-techie stuff – AI and neural networks in particular – but building these homes can be just as much fun as building some of the new drones we’re about to bring to market.

Hamilton Law Ltd – Parent Company of Hamilton Avioniics and Aviation – has been working almost 2 years now on new prototype drones for law enforcement and search/rescue support, while keeping a keen eye on the hobby/sport of the models as well. We’re looking at releasing a 175mph model that may not be the fastest by the time we get to market – but it’ll be a blast to fly, with multiple cameras, dual bimbals, and over 2 hours flying time – it’s not a trivial design. We have done all of the avionics n-house, borrong from open source and refining it for OSD’s that provide so much more than what you get today; avionics that allow for ultra high flight thanks to satellite and GPS technology. It’s a blast.

Well, building these ouses for those in need – can actually be more fulfilling, I would believe…

Thank you for the post AUstin.


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The Youngest on Evening Cup…

The Youngest on Evening Cup … Not exactly the youngest, but youngest son, yes. There is a little girl 5 years after him 🙂

This is one of his famous, “What you lookin’ at???” And we have dozens very simiilar – one from his first 2 weeks home… He raised his head up and gave us a beauty…

William was 11.4oz when born… Not a week before they were estimating around 8lbs… He sure surprised all of us… Today, he’s a fine, 6’1, 175lbs, 15 year old – quite a trooper – and as sweet as they all were (we’re the blessed family with 10 children and as many grand children, with 2 more grand children in the ovens as I type).

Here – only a couple weeks old – perfecting his, “What you lookin’ at???” look 🙂 Gotta Love It!!!

Just memories of another day… I can never share enough of the precious memories in my heart. Check out the latest Facebook library of my oldest son getting married – that being my favorite – he’s like – oh no!!! I just got married!!! A beautiful couple. My Friend and I have been blessed with the most beautiful of children. Happy, healthy, and some wiser before their time. Very witty, and we wonder at the comments we constantly hear – about how well behaved they’ve all been growing up. Yes, we’ve been blessed.

If you have memories of another day… feel free to share them, or post on Facebook when you can. I do not do as much social media interaction as I’d like. Conversely, I see so much tweeting from a given individual that I know there is simply no way on earth they have a life outside of posting tweets!!! 🙂


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Welcome to Evening Cup w/M. J. Hamilton, Sr.

Started many years ago – the passion of not just M. J. Hamilton, but many others who wish to share in technology, up and coming changes in languages, compilers, chips, micro controllers, and so much more.

As we explore the possibilities here – I welcome you to register and engage with the many who visit. Whether you just want to drop your 2 cents here and there, or write an article to share with the community – all are welcome.

We run an open forum, and while there are pieces in place to block SPAM and hacks – those who wish to simply register and participate can do so quite easily.

If you’re looking for a blog of your own, or perhaps an elaborate WordPress blog / vlog of your own – please Contact Me and I can get you on the right path with our hosting provider – GoMommy Hosting – So simple, even Daddy can do it™

I look forward to many more posts, and a great deal of learning… Or just sitting around the fire.. Picking a little music, enjoying family and friends…

Evening Cup was selected because a couple of MSFT REMF’s snuck in with Morning Dew, and something along those lines – taking the morning captions away from me… So I settled on the evening, which is when I’m most relaxed and enjoying time to write, enjoy family, watch Law and Order marathons, or whatever…


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