Build it and they will come… Work smarter… not harder..

I’ve maintained that statement since I was about 20… From my grandfather to my father – it was ingrained into me as far back as I can remember, to be honest.

Read the following YouTube.COM post – Building Affordable Houses from 3D Technology originally posted on Austin’s site.

Asd imagine the possibilities. (Another challenge I leave all of my customers when we meet… -Imagine the Possibilities – they’re boundless, endless, infinite… And there is no greater joy – I do not think – than realizing a dream come true – living the life you love – loving the life you live..

Here they’re taking 3D Printer technology and for pennies on the dollar – printing the fabricated components of a smll / efficient home. As President J. Carter has spent so many decades doing – here they’re building homes for the homeless – but for a fraction of the costs, and they’re so efficient. He has opened the door for a whole new industry and I can see this booming in the States. We have over 1.9M that I’m aware of from coast to coast that need a home like this.

Perhaps there is a way to partner with them and take on another location in the States. Perhaps others of you out there would be interested in spearheading an effort like this? It’s not going to make you rich, unless you count the blessings in your life that you’ll most certainly experience.

I’m going to try and follow this and learn more… I love hi-techie stuff – AI and neural networks in particular – but building these homes can be just as much fun as building some of the new drones we’re about to bring to market.

Hamilton Law Ltd – Parent Company of Hamilton Avioniics and Aviation – has been working almost 2 years now on new prototype drones for law enforcement and search/rescue support, while keeping a keen eye on the hobby/sport of the models as well. We’re looking at releasing a 175mph model that may not be the fastest by the time we get to market – but it’ll be a blast to fly, with multiple cameras, dual bimbals, and over 2 hours flying time – it’s not a trivial design. We have done all of the avionics n-house, borrong from open source and refining it for OSD’s that provide so much more than what you get today; avionics that allow for ultra high flight thanks to satellite and GPS technology. It’s a blast.

Well, building these ouses for those in need – can actually be more fulfilling, I would believe…

Thank you for the post AUstin.


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