Aha – Tools for the Trade… Workplace sweatshop? Or Paradise in the making?

I haven’t blogged much about organizations since slowly getting back into the driver’s seat and putting my fingers in motion – the cacophony of start-ups / let-downs / burn-downs / you name it – is really a job just to keep up on in my reading time.

Aha caught my eye this evening / morning – https://www.aha.io/ – and I thought I’d do a shout out – and though I’m far from one to be ranking the value in any organization you might want to apply to – I would say – if I were you – and you have the skills they’re looking for – which are not trivial in some respects – then check them out. You can probably negotiate working remotely if your resume and work history show a strong delivery and work ethic for remote work.

Read about them (https://www.aha.io/company/about) and especially the Team and Resources they have available – while you’re trying to sort out just what it is they do 🙂 Sorry – had to throw that one in there. If I can do a set of checkboxes here – I’ll let you check off what you take away from your  read: what do they do? How big are they? How would you use them in business – big or small? A few probing questions… You’ll want to know these things if you do consider applying for employment.

If you’re an Enterprise Architect or Information Architect / Software Solutions Architect – then you certainly know what a Product Roadmap is (Easy reading for those not in the know – https://go.roadmunk.com/product-roadmap-template?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=product_roadmapE)

Aha purportedly is the fastest growing business with this at their core – in the US, if not the world!!! Their resources and revenue reports are very impressive – and this is super non-trivial because on the surface, their culture seems like the pie-in-the-sky dream of a job to land. They have foundation / staying power – and from what little I’ve been able to find – super neat people working for them. So – Paradize? On my first fote – absolutely a YES – and worth your effort to check out if you’re pounding the pavement for work.

You can do more digging with this little I’ve shared… You never k now – you may have just found that job you’ve been looking for 🙂

Feel free to let me know what you lean, think? do???

Thanks for stopping by for an Evening Cup… Imagine the Possibilities….


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