Taking it back to the classroom, again… Distance Learning, a blessing… Enroll now for Free

Taking it back to the classroom, again… Distance Learning, a blessing…

As I write this – I’m mindful of finishing my Criminal Justice / Forensic Sciences Degree with Stratford University Online Program – and now I’m going after IT Cyber Security and Information Management at WGU – Western Governors University – Distance Learning Program.

FOOTNOTE: If you enroll now? They’ll waive the enrollment fees – which waves a couple / few hundred bucks alone.

Here you can read that they’re a MSFT Learning Partner and this is not trivial This can open even more doors for learning. I’ve worked building Sclera Design, Inc. – a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and later, Sclera Hosting, a Microsoft Silver Competency Partner…. MSFT Puts a lot behind education – and then some…

For what it’s worth – getting through a MSFT IT Academy Program is not trivial – and they do not provide their awards lightly. So – this is going to be a fantastic challenge for me….

Western Governors University

Western Governors University – Microsoft Certified Academy Instructor as well

WGU (Western Governors University) is a modest, yet HOT school to get involved with if you’re doing distance learning. I could have picked a few different Michigan State (MSU) / U of M) options, Western Michigan, and more – but they’re very expensive – even for an instate student – and these distance learning programs often offer much more aggressive curriculums – so I think I’ve picked the right school.

I am 100% disabled – so I do get some premium ops for student aid / financial aid programs – but in the end – that’s not why I pick them. WGU was more than twice as expensive as the school of choice I’d picked – but they had the aggressive curriculum offered  I could not find elsewhere – so that was the decision breaker.

Nope – it’s not evening – iit’s morning – but for me – just as soon be evening cup – I’ve been up working since 1400 hours yesterday – straight through – so no rest here….. Alas – I’m enjoying a fresh cup in the new coffee maker one of my sons bought mother for Mother’s Day. She really did need a new one. She’s like Mr. Overton (Previously blogged about) – he bought what he needed, and that was it – he didn’t buy something else just because it was newer or fancier or seemingly nicer…. Well…. Margaret wears down a coffee pot per year -if it makes it that long…. And this one was a few years old – and I mean old. 🙂 – It was taking 25 minutes to brew a pot of coffee… When we had money – we’d buy the Bunn Coffee Makers – 3 minutes – or your money back – well… Mr. Coffee annot guarantee anything in 3 minutes – but it’s a nice coffee maker – tastes great and it’s exponentially nicer than what we had.

Anyway – this morning – Evening Cup  – shares my next steps in academics – and hopefully – another new degree a year plus from now. If you can apply 30+ hours a week – and I easily can – to your degree studies – then you can pass fast. the only hold up are the lectures that you cannot dodge. You must attend those – but that stated – you can graduate pretty quickly….

All said – I 2nd WGU – Western Governors University – a cut above the average distance learning school / program. Enjoy – if you sign on – mentioning my name brings me no perks for referal – nor does it bring you any – I can only say – they’re worth checking out…

Good morning America… Let’s make tonight’s Evening Cup a nice one….

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